Covid-19 Virtual Plan

During the COVID-19 crisis and extended program closures, members of the Regional Preschool Partnership continue to provide families with play-based learning activities, ongoing support, and connections to resources within their communities. Our primary focus for remote learning is to strengthen connection and community, to foster our students’ continued social and emotional development, and to support the transition to kindergarten. To accomplish this, the Regional Preschool Partnership works collaboratively to provide guidance to teaching teams in order to build and maintain strong connections between teachers, students, and parents. This is accomplished by multiple means including the internet, phone, mail, and home delivery.

Instructional Methods

Simple is best. Young children need two main things to thrive in uncertain times: a regular schedule and a caring adult. GSRP teaching teams work with families to create a consistent routine for their children to engage in play and learning. Activities and resources are regularly provided that align with our curriculum, and the philosophy of the Great Start Readiness Program.

  • Talk: Children need to interact and hear the words and sounds of language from people they love.
  • Read: Children need to hear book language. Build reading aloud to children into a daily routine.
  • Play: Children need to explore, investigate, create, and innovate!

Activities and resources, and opportunities for connection are provided regularly online (Zoom, Facebook, Google, etc.), or via email or printed packets. Please contact your child’s teacher for details or to indicate which method best meets your needs.


Please reach out to your child’s teacher to provide feedback during your regularly scheduled contacts, or via phone or email. You may also contact Jonnie Taton, Director of Regional Preschool Partnership at

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